In this unit, you will have the opportunity to make choices based on your personal interests. You will choose from one of the following computer applications, learn how to use it with some guided tutorials, and finally create a digital artifact that will be posted to your e-portfolio.


Application Choices
Before you get started, use these links to help you learn more about each program, including tutorials and help guides.
  • GIMP  - photo editing software much like Adobe PhotoShop
  • Scratch - programming language developed by MIT - create multimedia projects and games
  • Google Sketchup - 3D computer aided design program
  • Microsoft PhotoStory - make videos from still images, music, narration, and titles
  • Google Earth - online globe and world discovery
  • Audacity - audio recording and editing


From the following table, select a project that you are interested in. Click the links in the table to get directions and guidance. Save all work on your Y drive.

 GIMP Scratch Sketchup PhotoStory Google Earth Audacity
GIMP in it up
Choose one of the projects on this page and follow the steps. Some projects require a digital camera which you may use.
Shall We Learn
A list of project tutorials to help you get started.
Getting Started with Sketchup
Go through each of the New User videos. Open Sketchup and pause the video throughout to complete the tasks presented.
 N/A N/A N/A
GIMPing Along
PDF book with 25 step-by-step projects.
Ball Game
step by step instructions to create an interactive ball game.
New Users Tutorials
Learn concepts, working with edges, push/pull, and ending with creating a chair.
 Build a Clock
step by step instructions to create a real working virtual clock.
 Scratch Programming Projects
step by step instructions to create different programs (pong, pacman, racing games, artwork, etc)


Completion of one mini-project and posting to e-portfolio site with a narrative reflection


You may download any of the following applications for FREE at home.