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What is Posterous?

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Posterous - use email to blog. Attach pictures, videos, audio, and documents and they will be posted and even embedded to your blog. To learn about the latest features being added to Posterous, take a look at their blog. Also, look at their help section.


"If you can email, you can blog!"

Communication plays a vital role in our schools. Posterous allows teachers the ability to easily communicate with parents, colleagues, students, and the community using a technology they are already familiar with -- email. By harnessing the power and flexibility of blogging along with the ease of email, everybody -- teachers, administrators, and students -- can efficiently post:
  • lesson plans
  • assignments
  • announcements/reminders
  • school and class newsletters
  • parent information
  • academic reflection (teachers and students)
  • professional development
  • e-portfolios
  • student podcasts (built in support in Posterous)
  • video projects
  • image libraries
  • documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)

Posterous in an Educational Setting - examples of how to use Posterous as a communication tool in your classroom.

Furthermore, Posterous has an auto-posting feature. You can post to Posterous and have it automatically post to several third party services -- Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and others. This makes Posterous even more flexible and powerful

Uses for Posterous


  • Due to the ability to make a private group blog, it can serve as a platform for communication between teachers and students.
  • Also, teachers can use it as a part of their lesson plans, perhaps requiring students to post their own blogs for credit. 
  • It could also serve as a tool for distance learning, bridging the gap between teachers and students.


  • Posterous does not cater to any specific country or region; anyone can join and get the full experience out of the site.
  • People from all over the world can read and comment on each others’ blogs, gaining insight into different perspectives.


  • Casual bloggers, social media professionals, and families can all appreciate the simple interface and useful features Posterous has to offer. 
  • Posterous is a great place for people to set up their first blog because of its simplicity and the fact that an account can be set up within minutes.


How to use Posterous Spaces

Examples of Posterous blogs

Tutorial Videos

Getting Started

How to post by email tutorial
Learn how to post to your site with just your email and Posterous.

Posting via Email

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Classroom Blogging

From TCEA, here are some resources to help you with student and classroom blogging:
  • Responsible Blogging - Taken from a 10th grade class, these guidelines for safe and responsible blogging are not just teacher-generated, but also come from the students themselves.
  • Blogger's Contract - This contract between the teacher and student is a great way to remind the student of the safety and responsibility required when blogging. Use this contract as a model for one you can create for your class.
  • Consent for Your Child to Participate in Online Collaboration - This teacher has drawn up a consent form for parents explaining how technology will be used in the classroom and asking for parental consent. Click on the link at the beginning of this letter for the actual consent form.
  • Blogging Rules - This list of rules was compiled by a teacher for his classroom. You may find this helpful for setting the rules in your class before you begin blogging.
  • Discovery Blogging Rules - Another set of rules for classroom blogging, this one is a bit more extensive and also includes clearly defined consequences to breaking the rules. This list can serve as a model for the rules in your classroom.