Music Video Remix


Black Death ("Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani)

The French Revolution ("Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga)

William the Conqueror

Charlemagne ("Call Me" by Blondie)

The Crusades ("Eyes Without a Face" by Billy Idol)

Joan of Arc ("Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes)

Audio Tools

Aviary consists of several applications. There are two in particular that would be very helpful to create custom music. Myna is a lot like Audacity where you can create different tracks of audio -- vocals, instruments, and loops. What sets it apart from Audacity is that you can use different music loops to create the backing tracks. Also there is Roc. This is a program that allows you CREATE music loops instead of just remixing. Either program will allow you to create and mix a back track for your musical composition.

Free, open source application that works on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. Basically a track recorder, Audacity allows you to mix and remix existing audio.

You can also use Audacity to strip out the vocals from a song and create your own karaoke version . You will need version 1.3 to be able to do this. First, open Audacity and import the song you wish to use. Select the entire song (CTRL-A), click on Effect menu, and then click Vocal Remover toward the bottom. You will be presented with some options and while you certainly can play with the option values, try the defaults first. Once you click OK, it will begin to strip the vocals out of the song. Note that this is not perfect technology and you may still be able to hear a little of the vocals. Also, depending on how the song was originally recorded, the results my vary wildly. 

You can find karaoke versions of many songs on YouTube. The trick is to be able to download the video into an audio format (like MP3) so you can pull the song into an audio editor (like Audacity, GarageBand, or Aviary). There are several websites that will allow you to create MP3 files out of YouTube videos:
Free Play Music
Huge collection of music sorted by genre and feel.

Find Sounds
Huge collection of sound effects that is searchable.

For Mac computers and the iPad. This is a full featured audio recording, mixing and editing application. I've used both Mac and iPad versions and they both rock!

Songify - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app where you can record anything with your voice and it will put it to music and autotune your voice. 

Video Tools

Free. For Windows. Try Windows Live MovieMaker for Windows 7. It seems a lot more stable than previous versions. If you have the older XP version, always go to Tools-Options-Compatibility and UNCHECK all the CODECs listed. This will make that version much less likely to crash.

Free. For Windows. This is a great movie making tool if you are only using still images. Add music, narration, titles, transitions, photo pans, and effects to create a very cool video.

For Mac and for iPad.