Using SMART Recorder

The following screencasts show you the following steps:

  1. Plug microphone or headset into available USB port on front of computer.
  2. Check status of microphone or headset.

  1. Create a folder on your Y drive to store your created screencasts.
  2. Add Recorder to SMART Toolbar on your desktop.
  3. Start Recorder
  4. Set options to point saved videos to newly created folder from step 3.

  1. Begin with a test recording to make sure everything is working. Playback recording.
  2. Once you successfully test record, begin a new recording.
  3. Once finished, your new recording will be saved to the folder you specified on your Y drive.

Upload your video to YouTube

First, create a YouTube account that connects to your Google Apps account.

Then upload and link your video.

Using Audacity to Record Audio

Setting up LAME Encoder and Exporting to MP3

Other Screencasting Tools

You can use the following tools for screencasting (both are free for basic tasks). These would be great options if you don't have the SMART Recorder installed on your computer.